Tips for Making the Best Garage Door Choice

Tips for Making the Best Garage Door Choice


Purchasing and installing a garage door is a pricey investment, one that you want to get right the first time around. To make sure you make the right choice in choosing a garage door for your house, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping.

The House’s Style

Garage doors will look different depending on the style of your home. For a carriage home, look at garage door styles that have a rustic, country-like feel to them. A door that echoes the design of your home. For more contemporary houses, going for a simple, straight door design will compliment your home beautifully. Choose a neutral colour that doesn’t clash with the rest of the home and have windows that are simplistic. With traditional homes, traditional garage doors are the route to go, depending on your neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Always keep the style of your house in mind when shopping for something as big as a garage door.

Choosing the Right Colour

As a garage door will take up about 40% of the front of your home, the colour should be something that’s reflected in other aspects of your home. Meaning that while installing a bright blue door onto a red brick house might sound different and unique, it probably won’t translate that way when it’s installed. The best way to pick a garage door colour that will pair well with the rest of your home is to pick a shade that matches your window frames. Doing this will pull the house together while distributing the colour evenly across the front of your house. If that doesn’t work for you, then stick with a colour that compliments the rest of the home, as long as you keep it to a maximum of three colours.

Different Window Options

With the growing desire to customise the appearance of your home, garage door windows are available in many different designs than ever before. You have the option to choose between plain windows, patterned ones and the material they’re made from. If you want a neutral coloured door to match the facade of your house, but still want to add an interesting element, shop around for a detailed window that sets your door apart from the rest.

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