See How a Garage Door Enhances Curb Appeal

See How a Garage Door Enhances Curb Appeal

According to an online study by IDA, 71% of homeowners who recently upgraded their garage door reported outstanding return on their investment during a home sale. This is because many home buyers tend to make up their minds about a home even before entering, based on curb appeal and exterior finishes. In neighbourhoods that host a row of homes that look alike, an attractive garage door can increase home value instantly, simply by standing apart from the rest.

The first impressions of a home are set by the exterior of the house. Even as you spend dollars to renovate the interior of your home, do not forget to update the exterior to enhance curb appeal. Exterior renovation is done not just for resale purposes but also to enhance overall aesthetics. Beautiful landscaping is not the only way to do this. A garage door takes up 30% of the front facade of your home, making it a dominant feature. A small investment on an attractive garage door can bring you huge returns.

How Garage Door Enhances Home Aesthetics

However beautiful your home interior is, an ageing, worn out garage door doesn’t do much to bring up the value and aesthetics of your home. One reason is the sheer size of it. Your garage door takes up a large part of your home entrance. It is hard to ignore it. Whether you have a traditional home structure, contemporary design or something in between, perhaps it’s time for you to take a closer look at your garage door and see how you can upgrade to welcome others with more style.

Tips to Select an Attractive Garage Door

  • If the garage door is the focal point of your home, look for an appealing style and colour to highlight it.
  • The colour should complement the exterior finish of your home. If the finish is in brick, stone or siding, stick to the same for your door or keep the colours same.
  • Avoid bold, bright colours for the surface of your garage door. They can appear too glaring and distracting on large surfaces.
  • Keep the colours soft and muted to keep it elegant, not screaming for attention.
  • An attractive way to draw attention to the aesthetics of your garage door is by adding lighting to the soffits above it.
  • Moulding details around the edges of your garage door can look very appealing.

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