Most Common Garage Door Questions

Most Common Garage Door Questions


There are a lot of reasons why your garage door might not be working, some of them quite standard and easy to spot and some incredibly strange – like a wasp nest interfering with the mechanics. The team of professionals at Easy Flip Garage Doors Inc can solve any problem (though you might need an exterminator if you have a wasp nest) that is affecting your garage door. Here are some common garage door problems that we encounter in our everyday line of work.

Photo-Eye is Out of Alignment

Back in the day, you use to be able to close your automatic garage door with a flick of the switch and then try to run underneath the closing door before it closed on you. That is no longer possible with the invention of the photo-eye. Photo-eyes transmit a beam that is invisible to the eye between one another. If anything breaks the beam when the garage door is closing, then the garage door stops. If the garage door opens normally but won’t close when you press the button, then the photo-eye may be slightly out of alignment or covered in dust to the point that the beam cannot register. Realigning the photo-eye or cleaning it off may fix your problem.

Improperly Aligned Track

While you can try a quick fix on your photo-eye if it is not working, you should definitely call Easy Flip Garage Doors if your garage door is improperly aligned with the track. The weight of a garage door can make the issue a lot worse and end up making the operation of your garage door dangerous. If you hear a scrape or bumping sound when you open and close the garage door, then you may have an improperly aligned door. Have it inspected as soon as possible so that our professional team can repair the door for you, or install a new door track if the current one cannot be repaired.

Broken Springs

If your garage door will not rise and you know that all transmitters are working properly and that power is getting to the mechanism than chances are you have a problem with the torsion spring. You will know if your torsion spring has broken if it happens, as you will hear it loud and clear – when a torsion spring breaks it sounds like a firecracker going off in your garage! If one of the torsion springs breaks then your garage may be able to still work, though the one spring will be pulling the whole weight of the garage door, which can cause it to break. If both are broken then, your door will not be able to rise. A garage door repair technician will be able to replace these springs and have your garage door working good as new.

Whether your problem is big or small, common or uncommon, the team at Easy Flip Garage Doors have seen it before and can fix it for you. Call us today, and we will get your garage working good as new.


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