FAQs on Garage Door Repairs

FAQs on Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repair is easier said than done. Typically questions revolve around costs to fix it with the next concern being whether the costs will be worth it. What if the door is old and outdated? Will suitable parts be available? Does it make better sense to just replace the door with a new one? What about aesthetics? Will a new door look good on an old garage? Easy Flip Garage Doors Inc. answers a few frequently asked questions.

FAQs on Garage Door Repairs

What do I do when my garage door is not opening?

Your garage door may not open for several reasons. Usually, the cause is broken or loose cables or broken springs. If you were at home when the spring snapped you will know, due to the loud bang. Garage doors that won’t open could also be due to an interrupted power source. Make sure to check the connection in your outlets and circuit breaker. Your door could have come off the metal tracks too. If you are not a trained technician, do no DIY this, your garage door is heavy and you can easily injure yourself if you attempt to lift it or fix it without prior experience or knowledge. Just call the professionals at Easy Flip Garage to look into the matter and fix it.

What Do I Do When My Garage Door is not Closing?

The reasons for your garage door, not closing could be quite different from the reasons it doesn’t open. One cause could be an interruption in the sensors or if an object comes in the way of the beam of infrared light. Move the object and try the opener mechanism again. Also, take a look at the sensors and make sure they have not been knocked out of alignment. Check if the electrical connection of the sensors is operating properly.

What Opener Should You Purchase and from Where?

Both chain drive and belt drive openers are built with the same mechanisms. However, the chain drive is built for continuous, heavy-duty strain while the belt drive is quieter. If your garage is located below a bedroom, belt drive works better. Buy garage door openers from reliable, reputed sources to avoid bending and buckling with constant use. There is no guarantee of a reliable purchase if you buy from small retail stores, even though they may be cheaper.

When Should You Switch to an Insulated Door?

An insulated door is more durable and dent resistant. It is also more energy efficient. An insulated door is a good choice if a room is located close to the garage and heating is a concern.

Should I Replace Both Springs When One is Damaged?

It is important to replace both door springs when one spring is broken because they come as a set. If one is worn off, it won’t be long before the other one breaks down too with use. One new spring and one old can affect the balance and functionality of the operation. Once it is replaced, make sure that no obstruction comes in the way of the garage door and the safety sensors are working properly. Test to check if it’s operating smoothly.

Can I Replace Just One Part of the Garage Door If It is Damaged?

Yes, it is possible for you to replace one panel of your damaged garage door and not the other that is in good condition. But in all probability, it is tough for you to do it yourself. Get the help of professionals to inspect the damage and replace the part for you.

What Do I Do If My Garage Door doesn’t Close All the Way?

It could be an issue with the sensor that sends the door reversing back. The “safety eyes” should be aligned well to have it function properly. Call our professionals to get it fixed.

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